Smart Homes

Home Intelligence

Fibaro is designed to work in harmony with the technology you use every day.

Fibaro can automatically switch o­ff your electronics when you leave the building to save power, or warn you if you forget to close a window when you leave for work. Fibaro can take a reading of the natural light levels every time you turn your lights on, and dim them to just the right level to provide perfect illumination without wasting electricity. Fibaro can shut off­ your water supplies and isolate your electronics in the event of a flood to prevent damage to your home and belongings.

If you go away on holiday and forget to set your alarm, Fibaro will message you and ask if you want to enable it remotely. If you leave the room and forget to turn the iron off­, Fibaro can switch it off­ for you and prevent a fire. Fibaro can create beautiful lighting scenes that are called up at the press of a button, or track your whereabouts by GPS and boil your kettle and play your favourite music as you get home from a long day at work.

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Keep your family safer
  • Live smarter

Smarter Homes

Safer Homes

Energy Efficient Homes

It is 6:00 AM
If the temperature in the house is below 19oC, the heating system and water heating are activated
7:20 AM
The awakening scene is activated.
• The radio turns on (very quietly).7:30 AM
• The bedroom roller blinds are pulled up to a pre-programmed position.
• The kettle or the espresso machine turns on*
• If it is dark outside, the brightness of bedroom lights is gradually increased.

7:34 AM
• All the roller blinds in the house are pulled up.
• The bedroom light turns off quickly (if it has been on).
• The radio turns off and the TV turns on to the news channel.
• If the day is cloudy, the light in the TV room turns on.
• Heat saver mode is turned on.
• The temperature of hot water is reduced.
• A member of your household gets up and makes some coffee. In the meantime, s/he is watching TV.

Next s/he gets dressed and enters the garage...

Fibaro Scenes

Dimmed lights, a lit fireplace and romantic music playing in the background.
Set the scene for watching a movie. Switch off the lights and turn on the DVD player.
Going out? Just relax. The right scene will turn off all the devices which need to be turned off for you.

When you come back home, your house welcomes you just the way you like it.