File and Application Servers

The heart of your network

Whilst the young upstart in the business IT world that is Cloud computing may be getting all the attention at the moment it's worth remembering that having your own server still makes a lot of sense in a lot of situations. Farming all of your company's precious data out to the internet to look after is not always a wise choice especially if you have specific or critical requirements.

Technology Systems have decades of experience in providing everything from small workgroup servers for just a few people up to multi-terabyte data centres serving hundreds of simultaneous users. We are experts in virtual computing and positively love building high availability clusters!

Why run your own servers?

There are many reasons to run your own server still rather then farming it out to the Cloud:

  • It keeps YOUR data under YOUR roof!
  • In the event of you loosing your internet connection or a cloud service failing you are not affected
  • You have the flexibility to set the systems up to suit your business
  • You can quickly and inexpensively add additional roles to your servers as your business grows
  • Ongoing costs are quite often cheaper then cloud computing

What is a Cluster?

One technology we're particularly keen on here at Technology Systems is known as a 'Cluster'. To put it simply a cluster is 2 or more servers that work together and can share the work load between them, The clusters we build are normally 'High Availability', this means that in addition to sharing the workload should one server fail the other can take over instantly to provide almost no disruption to the network and to your staff.

Traditionally providing a cluster was something only the largest companies could afford as the costs ran into hundreds of thousands however thanks to advances in open source software we are now able to provide a complete 2 server cluster for less then £1000!

Before making the wrong decision call us for expert help and advice!